Phoenix Protocol

The Phoenix Protocol is our effort to re-home the Museum of Gaming. The pandemic, and many other factors, have drained our resources and threaten to push the museum collection out into the cold. We have formed a Transition Board to prevent that.

The Transition Board's mission is to seek the best dispensation of our collection, in light of our mission, that is available to them. All resources raised will be used to support this effort.

The Transition Board will reach a decision by December 15th, 2022. If you, or anyone you know, has ideas or a proposal for us, please submit it at:

And if you would like to support the museum financially, please go thru Paypal, or use the contact link above.

The remarkable Sid Sackson Collection of board games was tragically broken up and sold off following his death in 2002. We have seven items from that collection in ours. We do not want them to again be lost.

We do not know what comes next. We hope that a strong partnership comes to us, perhaps a nearby University is compatible with our anthropological bent, or a private corporation is moved to support us, or a local government municipality sees what we offer to the community. In the meantime we will work hard to preserve, and celebrate, board games.

Our vision of the museum has always been a cooperative space for diverse people to play and study games.